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Current Projects

Adam Cohen Today: The official brand website of Adam S. Cohen. As Cohen takes a remarkable leap forward, furthering his reach from business and finance, stepping out as an international public figure in the media as well as in the world of cyberspace; Adam Cohen Today highlights Cohen’s extraordinary journey as a seasoned entrepreneur, accomplished business owner; and industry innovator. Adam Cohen Today documents, in his own words, Cohen’s multiple new ventures spanning a plethora of industries including his official launch into Broadcast Media and Production.

Saxon Spencer Capital: A private direct lending platform launched by Cohen in 2017; identifying market gaps where unique investor requirements provide for out of the box underwriting. Saxon Spencer Capital offers customized financial solutions for the variety of deal related handicaps that serve as roadblocks to conventional funding sources. Saxon Spencer Capital focuses on funding real estate scenarios such as value-add, and opportunistic acquisitions, recapitalization, and distressed assets secured by transitional investment real estate. Further information is available on www.saxonspencer.com

Inspire Business Journal: An entirely new magazine publication concept created by Cohen with an anticipated launch date in 2018. Cohen has always been a believer that no goal is beyond his reach regardless of means or any other obstacle. Through Inspire Business Journal, Cohen strives to offer a functional publication demonstrating valuable insight together with the tools for success. Inspire Business Journal will be a printed publication and will also be available online including video interviews, live events, and business educational services.

British Express Capital: BRITEX as it will affectionally be known; a unique platform designed for mortgage professionals and loan officers who specialize in investment real estate and hard money loans. Cohen has been directly associated with private lending since 1995, has identified a gap in the market place that will provide unapparelled efficiency in matching complicated loan requirements to qualified lending organizations nationwide in a matter of minutes based on a patented software developed in partnership with the banking community. BRITEX is anticipated to launch in 2018

Cohen TV Productions: What started off as a concept idea in 2008, the original plan would inevitably be a decade ahead of its time. As technology and the internet have advanced, Cohen has elected to breathe new life back in to this exciting new project. Cohen TV Productions will be the official production company for all video and live content published for Inspire Business Journal as well as the development of several independent productions. Cohen TV Productions is currently developing riveting new content due to be released in 2018.