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Posted by Adam S. Cohen | January 16 2018| Editorial
Something New

2018 is officially in session, I have only positive consensus for an exciting year ahead.  The past year paved the way for multiple cutting-edge projects, for something new.  Anyone who knows me well would vouch for my larger than life vivacious personality, my epic imagination, how excited I get to present a new idea and...

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Posted by Adam S. Cohen | January 30 2017| Editorial
The Big Picture

Starting any new enterprise is no small endeavor.  It is a little easier when you have been actively involved within your industry for over 20 years as I have, but when you break out of your comfort zone into the world of unexplored territory the challenge becomes a labyrinth of unknowns lurking around every corner. ...

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Posted by Adam S. Cohen | November 16 2016| Editorial
I Am America

In 2010, having spent the past few years recovering from significant recession inflicted losses; I knew I had to rebuild, start fresh.  Little did I know that the journey ahead would be such a defining part of my life.  I am very fortunate that along this rollercoaster ride of life I have had the opportunity...

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Posted by Adam S. Cohen | October 26 2016| Business
Unrealistic Investor Expectations

Having spent over two decades in the real estate industry it’s safe to say there is very little I have yet to see; however, each passing day presents an entirely new set of obstacles that make an otherwise simple transaction into a complex labyrinth of deal related handicaps requiring a unique skill set to overcome....

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