The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Starting any new enterprise is no small endeavor.  It is a little easier when you have been actively involved within your industry for over 20 years as I have, but when you break out of your comfort zone into the world of unexplored territory the challenge becomes a labyrinth of unknowns lurking around every corner.  In 2010, I decided it was time to get back on the saddle; I knew exactly where to start, the direction I wanted to go in and the ultimate goals I would need in order to be successful.  This has not always been the case.  Over the course of my career I have found myself many times in unchartered territory having to learn from the ground up.  Instead of playing safe and looking for the security of the “pay check”, to me the thrill of thrive or fail has always been my greatest adrenalin rush.  There is no greater high than closing the deal, knowing with all certainty only I could make it happen.  I have a history of starting new enterprises as I enjoy constant new challenges, an ideology I developed very early in life.  Some of my greatest accomplishments were not in my comfort zone at all, and were actually entirely new opportunities which had I had stumbled across and elected to explore regardless of the fact that at such time I knew very little about the specific industry.

Over the holiday season, I had the privilege to visit Peru including Cusco and Macho Picchu.  I found myself truly enchanted by the accomplishments of the civilization of the Inca’s as I journeyed through time visiting the nearby towns.  Over a thousand years ago, men on foot without maps, GPS or any kind of technology, tools or equipment built entire cities situated upon mountain tops and developed agricultural infrastructure gaining a library of knowledge as they developed their civilization.  My trip left me in awe of what man can accomplish with a determined mind.  We can accomplish anything we set our minds to providing we have the determination, desire, and the will to do so.

As I develop and advance my business, I realize that there is this undefined big picture, and to truly fulfil my ambition, there is so much more I will need to accomplish.  I must push myself to limits I did not even know I had.  I consider my creative side to be one of my greatest asset but it can be somewhat of a curse; a mind that is too active is also a great distraction.  It is sometimes difficult to decide which ideas to proceed upon and which to dismiss however, it is imperative to explore new ideas and all the possibilities thereto.

As I reflect upon my own career, I realize all that I have learned and question sometimes how did I ever overcome such enormous hurdles.  To succeed in business, you need to understand every aspect of what it will take to succeed; what are the potential obstacles ahead of you?  If you are venturing into unchartered territory, then you must plan every step with extreme caution.

My personal resolution is to fully explore my big picture.   To push my boundaries, my comfort zone even further than I ever have before.  I intend to push myself beyond every personal limit as I too am venturing into some unchartered territory and once again I find myself learning new business arenas from the ground up.  I have great drive and ambition, but these are meaningless without execution.

One of the toughest elements of any new project is deciding where to start.  However, the true test of time is endurance and direction after cast off.  My big picture is already in action.  Very soon, I am launching two new businesses that I know everything and also nothing about.  That may sound like a contradiction; but twenty-five years of being an entrepreneur and business owner have given me so many of the vital tools and skillset required for such an endeavor, however, there is still so much for me to learn as I evolve this idea from just a thought in my head to physical creation followed by the evolution of progress.  I know in advance mistakes will be made and many of my plans will not go as I would have hoped for, or according to schedule.  Regardless, what is most important, is all the knowledge I will gain from having the courage to try and how I apply that knowledge in the future.

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